Container Accommodation Units

Containers can provide temporary solutions to a particular shortage, be it housing or another accommodation need. They can be used in disaster areas or areas of need and for key worker homes or student housing.AC Containers is a manufacturer of high design/low cost modular buildings based upon standard shipping container technology..

Quality Containers Control Rooms

We offer a simple value proposition: a high design, high quality, and high performance alternative to conventional construction with a significant savings in cost and time. Designs can be used in all climate zones and their storm proof and simple set up make them suitable for every country, for both short term temporary use and for permanent structures in residential and hotel markets stability.

Fully functional

Fully functional canteens and kitchens can be custom designed from container conversions to suit your businesses needs. Certain projects and businesses require the necessary facilities to provide their employees and workforce with a cooked meal at lunchtimes. However, building kitchen facilities, especially if the project only runs for a short period of time, can be expensive and impractical. Therefore, cost effective canteen solutions are required by these businesses that have need of fully functional kitchen units with immediate effect.

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