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Container conversions are a fantastic solution for those who are looking for temporary office space. The use of containers in this manner has become a popular choice for business owners and industry professionals working in the construction, mining, development, commercial, oil and gas, and government and municipal sectors. At AC Containers we convert containers into fully functioning offices which can then be delivered to the site. The result: A highly affordable, cost effective office space which is conveniently located onsite. Office containers are available in two formats, namely basic and corporate style. It s up to you which package you choose. Your choice will, more than likely, be determined by factors such as the length of time you will be spending onsite on a daily basis, the duration of the project and if you require the office space for meetings and executive planning sessions. If you will be using the office frequently for the above reasons and envision it acting as a secondary command post, then it is undoubtedly more advantageous to select the corporate styling option.

Quality Containers Office

A corporate style office container can be equipped with all the necessary facilities which you would find in your standard corporate office. Air-conditioners can be installed, along with shelving, desks and general office furniture. These office containers can be wired to with power outputs to run electrical appliances and can even include restrooms. Ultimately, the corporate styling option provides a more comfortable working environment which is suited to projects which have a longer duration, or if the office has to accommodate various types of personnel.

Onsite Container Conversion Offices Benefits

Onsite offices vastly improve your company s operations for one main reason: convenience. Having an office onsite increases productivity and speeds up decision making, in addition to providing a comfortable working environment for onsite personnel. These offices provide the perfect space for those important planning sessions, business pow-wows and executive meetings. It cuts out the time wasted by travelling back to your company s headquarters, or closest branch, to have the same discussion. Basically, it makes business more lucrative as decisions can be made in a safe, secure environment, and with haste.

In terms of the logistics of container conversions, the process is easy and pain-free. Why bother erecting a temporary structure that may not be completely weatherproof when you could simply position a container, with all the necessary facilities to run your business, in the corner of your construction site, mining plant, or development project? The structure requires no assembly and no foundation, meaning that you can have a fully functioning office in a matter of hours. For more information on our container office conversions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our containers can be customised to your specific needs, so let us assist and advise you on the best container conversion office solution for your business or project.

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